The Ruthless Murder of Elin Krantz (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Elin Krantz was a beautiful 27 year old 'typical' blue-eyed blonde Swede who was found brutally raped and murdered on 26 September 2010. Elin was beaten and/or kicked with such violence that there were contusions and hemorrhaging all over her body, plus nerve damage that resulted in a lack of oxygen to her brain. Elin was a champion of multiculturalism and immigrants. She belonged to the Facebook group "We Like Diversity" and even referred to herself as 'multicultural'. She was all for unvetted immigration into her native land. Elin was brainwashed, as most of European youth are, into believing that immigration is great for one's country. It is not, and the recent terror attacks by Arabs and others reveals that truth. Multiculturalism simply does not work.

Now Elin Krantz is dead 7 years, murdered brutally at the hands of a 23 year old African refugee by the name of Ephrem Tadeles Yohannes. This guy had immigrated to America, where he married an Ethiopian woman and also committed several crimes, for which he whined that he was being 'mistreated because he was Black', so he emigrated from the US to Sweden where Whites seem to embrace all types of refugees from Third World countries. Apparently, in Sweden, surrounded by pretty blondes, Yohannes could no longer contain his desire for White female flesh nor his innate criminal nature, allowing the beast within to escape on the morning of poor Elin's terrifying murder. I can't help but wonder what Elin's final thoughts were as she realized that an Ethiopian immigrant was attacking her.

Krantz and her killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood near Gothenburg in western Sweden in September 2010. Shortly thereafter Krantz was found raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop. According to the prosecutors, the attack was one of "extreme ruthlessness". Yohannes, who has been in custody since October and formally charged in March, has continually claimed his innocence. According to his version of events, he came across two other men who were raping Krantz and tried to intervene, but was then chased away by the alleged perpetrators. In its ruling, the district court wrote that the crime was so severe that the consequences should be 18 years in prison. But because Yohannes will be kicked out of the country and has two small children, the court reduced the sentence by two years. - The Local

According to prosecutors, Ephrem Tadele Yohannes brought Elin Krantz down by force, spread her legs and sexually violated her while applying force to her neck. After the rape, he dragged her body over the forest ground and threw it on a pile of rocks.Forensic examination found traces of Elin Krantz’ DNA on Ephrem Tadele Yohannes’ body, however he denied the allegation that he had raped and murdered the girl. After months of being silent, he eventually
started talking and admitted to being at the scene of Elin Krantz’ abduction, but insisted that rape and killing were carried out by two other men. 

Because Sweden is so multicultural now, no Swedish media could publish the fact that the perpetrator was an immigrant or that he was black in their reports on the case. They could not even mention his name by law, so they referred to him merely as a “23 year old”, saying things like “the 23 year old was charged with murder and aggravated rape”. However, thanks to the internet we know who he is. Like the rest of Europe, Sweden has been subjected to the multicultural master plan of ultimate destruction. It doesn’t matter how stable and strong a nation is, once you
start to destabilize it from within by introducing incompatible elements which don’t share the same values, the society will face break down no matter how safe and stable it had been.

The murderer got sentenced to 16 years in a 5 star Swedish prison with cable tv, magazines and free food, he will probably be an outdoor man again in 5 years or less. Is that OK? - Steemit

16 years! They actually shaved 2 years off the maximum sentence of 18 due to the stipulation that Yohannes must be deported immediately after the term and barred from Sweden for life. What the hell is that going to accomplish? He will find some other European country to run to and satiate his lust for Caucasian female flesh. I really do not understand why so many Black men feel that it's fine to commit rape, and why so many of them rape White women. Perhaps because they cannot get one to date them? At any rate, Yohannes would have received a life sentence - with no parole - or the Death Penalty if he had committed his ghastly crime in America. Such is the price of liberalism in Europe.


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